Romans: Letter of Faith

The Year of Faith commemorating the opening of the Second Vatican Council is about to begin. In an article for Faith Today, Fr Adrian Graffy investigates the meaning of faith in the finest of the epistles of St Paul, the Letter to the Romans. Fr Adrian’s book on the Letter to the Romans in the Take and Read series is now available from Alive Publishing. Continue reading

The Genius of Mark

Fr Adrian Graffy explores the extraordinary talent of the first evangelist in an article for Faith Today.

The year 2012 sees the return of the Gospel according to Mark as the Gospel we read on ordinary Sundays of the year. Previously seen as a ‘cinderella’ among the Gospels, it is now overwhelmingly recognised as the first to be written and as the Gospel which provided the basis on which Matthew and Luke wrote their own accounts. Mark is no longer understood as the abbreviator of Matthew (an opinion defended in the fifth century by the great St Augustine of Hippo and held as true until modern times), but as the genius who devised the form of writing we call ‘gospel’. Continue reading