The Genius of Mark

Fr Adrian Graffy explores the extraordinary talent of the first evangelist in an article for Faith Today.

The year 2012 sees the return of the Gospel according to Mark as the Gospel we read on ordinary Sundays of the year. Previously seen as a ‘cinderella’ among the Gospels, it is now overwhelmingly recognised as the first to be written and as the Gospel which provided the basis on which Matthew and Luke wrote their own accounts. Mark is no longer understood as the abbreviator of Matthew (an opinion defended in the fifth century by the great St Augustine of Hippo and held as true until modern times), but as the genius who devised the form of writing we call ‘gospel’. Continue reading

New publication – Take and Read: Acts of the Apostles

We are pleased to announce the launch of the next volume in the Take and Read series published by Alive Publishing, in which Fr Henry Wansborough considers The Acts of the Apostles.

The previous volumes in the series, edited by CEF director Fr Adrian Graffy, are on the four gospels. For more information go to this page.

‘Heart speaks unto Heart’ – Pope Benedict praises God for the example given to us in Newman

At the Mass of Beatification in Cofton Park, Pope Benedict reflected on different aspects of John Henry Newman’s life, as preacher, theologian, and priest, and invited us all to learn from Newman’s insights into the Christian life as a call to holiness and more intimate union with the Heart of God. Continue reading

‘The truth that sets us free cannot be kept to ourselves’ – Pope Benedict at Hyde Park

Pope Benedict spoke to a huge gathering at Hyde Park as a true Father, encouraging us to bear witness to our faith and to be generous in saying ‘yes’ to whatever God asks of us. And yet this was no rock concert, we were not there to worship the man who stood on the stage: at the conclusion of the Holy Father’s address the Blessed Sacrament was placed on the altar, and there was total stillness as thousands knelt in adoration before Our Lord, mysteriously present in the consecrated bread. Continue reading

‘We were made to know the God of love’ – the Holy Father addresses young people at Westminster Cathedral

Following the Mass at Wesminster Cathedral, a young man from the Diocese of Brentwood, Paschal Uche, greeted His Holiness on behalf of all the young people gathered in the cathedral piazza, describing the occasion as a ‘family reunion’ and quoted Pope John Paul II’s description of faith as a ‘noble and authentic adventure’. In reply, the Pope spoke movingly about what it means to be made in the image of God who is love. Continue reading

‘Our commitment to Christian unity is born of nothing less than our faith in Christ’ – Pope Benedict at the Ecumencial Celebration

The Holy Father’s address at Westminster Abbey reminds us that Christian unity is  grounded in the faith handed down by the apostles and, calls on all Christians to witness to the hope and joy of their faith in Christ in an often hostile society. Continue reading