Rediscovering Vatican II

CEF offers Study Days for the Year of Faith 

In his Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio Porta Fidei , Pope Benedict XVI announced and invited the faithful to a Year of Faith.  “This will be a good opportunity to usher the whole Church into a time of particular reflection and rediscovery of the faith,” he states in his opening paragraphs.  This very special year of the Church will begin on the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.  Brentwood’s Commission for the Evangelisation and Formation has taken this occasion to organize a diverse and exciting series of lectures to rediscover Vatican II. The speakers come from various walks of life, religious, academic, ordained and political.  The subjects range from the past to the future and take in ecumenism, the Scriptures and the Church today.  The five events are:

Dr Gemma Simmonds CJ * 9 June 2012 * The Achievement of Vatican II

Prof Paul Murray * 13 October 2012 * The Ecumenical Vision of Vatican II

Rev Dr Adrian Graffy * 9 March 2013 * Vatican II and the Bible

Rev Dr Peter Phillips * 8 June 2013 * Vatican II and the Church

Rt Hon John Battle * 12 October, 2013 * Vatican II and Beyond

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